What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is a food and nutrition expert who has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition with course work approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; completed a 1200 hour supervised and accredited internship program; passed the national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration; and annually completes a minimum of 15 continuing professional education hours to maintain registration. 

My personal stats:

  • Credentialed as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since January 30, 2009
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Degree from West Chester University
  • Dietetic Internship completed with the Arizona Department of Health Services, Paradise Valley Unified School District, and Boswell Hospital Sun Health Corporation
  • Check out my About page for more information on my work experience

I’ve tried every diet imaginable, without success. How will working with you be any different?

Diets don’t work, which is why there are so many of them. I don’t recommend diets in my practice because they cause us to develop feelings of guilt and fear around eating. Restricting desired foods often results in stronger cravings and thus failed diets because they aren’t sustainable long-term. Rather, kick your diet to the curb, replace the word “restrict” with “portion”, and taste the difference. I can teach you how to balance a well cultivated plate with the foods you love and those that will nourish your body and mind. My monthly plans offer unlimited messaging support thru Healthie, so you can reach out anytime you have a question.

What is Healthie?

Healthie is a HIPAA compliant, safe (and fun) business management and telehealth platform, accessible thru the mobile app and your computer. Healthie enables self-monitoring, one of the most powerful tools used to help us transform positive changes into healthy habits. Thru Healthie, we can stay connected in real-time as you:

  • Photo food log (instead of writing food journals, if you prefer)
  • Track your activity and biometrics
  • Message me whenever you need
  • Schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments
  • Share and receive documents and handouts
  • Video chat with me through your mobile app or computer

Where are you located?

I offer in-person and virtual appointments to make it easier for you to keep in touch and reach your nutrition goals, wherever you are in life.

  • My physical office address for in-person appointments is 725 Speckman Road, Louisville, KY 40243 – located inside of Eastpoint Audiology.
  • Virtual appointments occur thru Healthie, wherever you are. Access instructions will be emailed with your appointment confirmation.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment directly thru the Services page or contact me to schedule an appointment for you. I offer in-person and virtual appointments to make it easier for you to keep in touch and reach your nutrition goals, wherever you are in life. Schedule the appointment type that works best for you!

How many sessions will I need with you to reach my goals?

From my experience, clients are most successful in achieving their nutrition goals when we follow-up. The number and frequency of follow-up sessions depends on each client’s personal goals. I offer single sessions for people just wanting information and direction, and package deals for those desiring extended support with bi-weekly follow-ups (in person or virtual) and unlimited monthly messaging thru Healthie. Contact me if you’d like to discuss which package will be best for you.

Do I need to complete any forms prior to my appointment?

Yes. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email with a link to register your Healthie account and complete your brief intake paperwork. This should only take a few minutes and must be submitted prior to your appointment so I can prepare for our session to maximize our time together.

What are my payment options?

You can purchase any service directly from the Services page or contact me to schedule a service for you (in which case payment is due at the time of service). Cash, check, credit and debit cards are accepted. FSA and HSA cards are also accepted with a letter of medical necessity from your physician – I can assist with this.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance but will be happy to provide you a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I cannot guarantee reimbursement. Disease preventative nutrition services including healthy eating counseling and counseling for obesity, as well as education for diagnoses including diabetes and kidney disease often qualify for reimbursement. Some plans may also reimburse for medical nutrition therapy related to digestive disorders and eating disorders. I recommend that you call your insurance company to discuss what nutrition services are included in your plan.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please contact me to provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, enabling another client to fill your slot as needed. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.