Welcome to Cultivate Your Plate

Ditch your diet and treat yourself to health! I’m Kate Boston, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), encouraging you to live the life you crave. My passion is providing nutrition coaching and education services that make nutritional health attainable, sustainable and delicious!

Did you know that the food we eat directly affects our mood, energy and health, giving each of us control in how we feel daily? It’s true! A wholesome, well cultivated meal plan will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day! Good nutrition boosts immunity, prevents disease, may reverse disease, and prolongs life. A balanced plate incorporates every food group including protein, carbohydrates and fat because all are essential for optimum health. Don’t diet. Learn to cultivate your plate with the foods you love for delicious and sustainable health you can taste, see and feel.  

If any of the following pertain to you, I can help.

Do you:

  • frequently feel tired despite trying to eat healthy and exercise?
  • avoid social gatherings because you are embarrassed about your current body image?
  • turn to food when sad or stressed, and feel out of touch with hunger and fullness cues?
  • have diabetes, hypertension, or food sensitivities, and fear that nothing is safe to eat?
  • suffer with stomach pain or gastrointestinal upset after eating but can’t figure out why?
  • feel overwhelmed by conflicting diet advice and simply want to eat food and be well?

Then it’s time you cultivate your plate!

My integrative and holistic approach focuses on all aspects of your well-being to determine the root cause of your nutritional concerns. If you want to improve your health, control your weight, better manage your eating and medication regimen, or boost your energy and mood with food, let’s work together! No special pills, no diet gimmicks, just science and the reliable support you need to cultivate your plate and refuel your life.

Live the life you crave!