17 Nutritionists Reveal Their Top Healthy-Eating Secrets

Reader’s Digest posted a fantastic article on the nutrition habits of dietitians and nutritionists.  Incorporating the following tips into your lifestyle can improve health, increase energy, boost total nutrition intake, reduce nagging sweet-treat cravings, better regulate GI function, ease stress when preparing last minute meals and lead toward a healthy, sustainable weight.  Please share this article because everyone deserves a nourished life and these tips should not be kept secret!

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Healthy-Eating Tips
Have an emergency healthy food supply.

Hydrate in the morning.
Store food in clear containers.
Eat your veggies first.
Have more dark chocolate.
Chill out before you eat.
Connect with your food.
Flip your ingredients.
Rehydrate after a workout.
Listen to your body.
Make veggies half your plate.
Savor every bite.
Eat more plants.
Go for snacks with fiber and protein.
Freeze extra food.
Don’t clean your plate.
Remember your whole grains.

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